To give a voice to immigrant population in Ireland, for the interest and benefit of all communities. Further the Equality by bringing all the communities together through equal participation establishing a platform(media) for enrichment and promoting social inclusion.



  • Creating awareness that we are out there to be the voice.
  • Opening doors to passionate and creative people who are looking for opportunities.
  • Create a Newspaper and online Radio channel which the immigrants can use as a voice.
  • Promote social inclusion through participation of different views and opinions in relations to migrant issues and stories.


Our Patron:
Philippe Legrain is a British political economist and writer. He specializes in global and European economic issues, notably globalisation, migration, the post-crisis world and the euro. A visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics‘ European Institute, he is a former adviser to European Commission president José Manuel Barroso from 2011 to 2014.
Legrain is the author of four books: Open World: The Truth about Globalisation, which is a counter-argument to Naomi Klein‘s No Logo; Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them was shortlisted for the 2007 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award; Aftershock: Reshaping the World Economy After the Crisis; and European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess – and How to Put Them Right, which the Financial Times calls “essential reading”. Source: Wikipedia.
Story of formation: is a brainchild of Bharath Kumar. Established by joining hands with prominent members of the community who are involved in the integration and culture domains in the last several years. When the census was out in 2017, it was highlighted altogether 180 distinct countries were recorded as a country of origin for non-Irish immigrants in the year to April 2016 on the census. The report also showed that, in April 2016, there were 535,475 non-Irish nationals living in the country, that is approx. 15% of the population were non-Irish living in the country. This was a triggering thought for Bharath , which was we have so many immigrants in Ireland from 180 distinct countries but we don’t have a single platform for all of them to be connected and celebrate that diversity. Also the key thing was we don’t have an alternative media to the main stream media were there is exposure to the immigrant community and promote the various cultural activities out there. There are few individual community radio channels and newspapers but there was no single platform where all this can be brought together. The idea of is about bridging that gap and building a platform for the immigrants in Ireland so we can celebrate the diversity by promoting the culture, integration of all the communities together through equal participation establishing a platform(media) for enrichment and promoting social inclusion.
Bharath Kumar reached out with the proposal to Godfrey Chimbganda, Joer Reid, Logan Raju, Ken Mc Cue who were involved in the integration, sports and cultural activities for several years and to Chowdary Kodali who was interested in setting up a Radio platform. The team came forward and totally embraced the idea and agreed that we have a gap and that we have a great opportunity and potential to help the 15% immigrant population in Ireland. Logan Raju highlighted that he has been thinking of a similar idea in the past but never kicked it off and he brought in Robin Hannon into the team as he has great experience on the Refugees being part of the Refugee organization, so overall there was positive vibe for the idea. That is it, there is no stopping from that point onwards, we have not even launched official, but we have had tremendous support from the public and we are growing in team size. We have already started spreading the initiative across the nation with individuals from Cork, Galway, Letterkenny, Waterford, Dundalk, Balbriggan, Wicklow joining the extended team. We are looking forward for taking this journey which we believe is going to benefit the immigrant community in the coming years in a big way.