Italian Fusion Festival 2018 Dublin

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The Italian Fusion Festival took place in Dublin on July 8th, 2018, at The Grand Social near the famous Ha Penny Bridge. Outside the venue, there were a few Vespas lined up. Vespas in Italy are not just scooters, they are a symbol, a tradition and they are sold all over the world.

This festival has been running for 2 years now, organised and promoted by Radio Italia and it aims to celebrate a mix between the Italian and Irish culture in Dublin.One of the events was an Irish Set Dancing workshop where they also had the traditional musical instruments. Set Dancing is not easy but it’s fun and the group had a blast. However, towards the end they made a little mess so fair play to them!

Next was the Italian Gestures workshop where few interesting facts were shown.In 1920s, 80% of the population wasn’t speaking Italian (Majorly Latin was spoken after all and then there was Volgare and then came the Italian language which has many words deriving from Latin and Greek).It was surprising to know that Cinecitta’ was born because of Mussolini and it was born to allow people to learn Italian little by little through gestures since they didn’t speak the language.

The festival was full of Irish and Italian music and of course Italian food from delicious meat to Sweet Sicily’s awesome cannoli. Maurizio, one of the organisers who also work for Radio Italia said that they want to continue over the years and make it bigger.Last year the people who turned up exceeded their expectations, there were nearly 700 people and even this year the place was full. The main objective of the festival is to promote Italian culture, food and music in Dublin along with Irish culture as a mix between the two countries.

The members of Italian Tourist Board in Dublin told that they are planning many events soon. An office has been set up in Dublin few months ago. They see a lot of similarities between Italy and Ireland, even in the personalities. For example, they love walking tours and they will try to promote walking tours around Italy but also other regions.

Usually tourists go to Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples and the Amalfi Coast but they rarely go elsewhere. However, Italy has a lot to offer. Every region has its own typical dishes, dialects, places to see and walking tours (5 Terre in Liguria, Via Franchigena and Via Degli Dei that brings to Florence on foot).

Overall the festival was lovely and well organised with the potential to become much bigger. It was fun !  It was musical ! It was delicious !

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