My cheap travel – By Niña Voladora

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It was starting the summer and my boyfriend and me we were thinking to do a trip. Anyway we didn’t have to much money. So we decided to do our trip and we thought spend less money than a month living in ireland. We had to be in mind that the time of our trip it will depend on the money that we had. And also it hadn’t got to be a specific place. Obviously we had a plan but we were ready to change if we needed it. I took only one plane to arrive to Paris and from there I took two bus and three tram. After eighteen hours I arrived to my destination, Nantes. There obviously we didn’t have to worry about the house only to enjoy the city we were in the music day, and we visit the move elephant’s sculpture, we saw the China garden, etc. We did a total tourism without spend any money. After five days we took the decision to visit a friend in Marseille. All the transport it was so expensive. For this reason we decided to do each hiking. Here it was starting a great adventurous trip. In fact our bags it was reduce in different kind of weather clothes, a tent, the essential hygiene products and of course the phone. We were at 7:00 am in the entrance of the motorway. We put our poster with the address in one hand and we showed our thumb. It was so excited. We took four different cars, the mínimum time to wait it was seven minutes and the maximum fifty minutes. Only one car knew speak English, he was a biology scientist he showed one revolutionary sea’s plant the human could eat with all the proteins. The rest of time i was listening the driver and my boyfriend talking in french, so i was trying to enjoy seeing the road, reading and of course sleeping. We arrived to a village really near of Marseille it was late so we decided to sleep there, outside of a park to don’t do anything illegal, it was the first time i slept in the street on the pavement, holding on to my bag, skyping someone stole me.

One car more and we were in Marseille, there we rest and we were one friend with a fantastic friend he hosted us. I discovered how intercultural is this city. And it was the first time i felt the people judge the way dresses. In spite of I enjoyed the views, the castle, the church made with gold, the harbour, and a precious small inlet. After one week, I saw the wonderful place I have seen on my live in Pyrenees itwas the place we slept between the river and one train station. The mountain
the cloud the view. There we walked we knew two villages, we eat only prepared food, we slept inside of the mountain. Then we went to Barcelona there we visited to many museum and sculpture, we discovered how expensive it could be one world’s wonder and spectacular it is. Later we went to Granda, we tried the famous “tapas” and we visited the elegant and other world’s wonder the Alhambra, we walked the streets, and we suffer the sun intensiver tan France. Finally we were in Murcia, my city. we show the museums, the cathedral and we ate all types of food, for me the best of the world “olive with chips” and vegetable” Our trip it was finished, but us we were changed. Now I’m really sure that the money I have It is never going to influence if i want to know the world.

Note: This is an Article from our team member who is learning English and wanting to me a writer. We just wanted to encourage our team member and hence sharing her first article.


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