The Magical Strings of Veena: A musical concert

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They flew to Dublin at their own expense, with their own Veena instrument, for an epic show called “The Magical Strings of Veena”, who truly brought magic for a night in Blanchardstown on June 2nd, 2018. The music still echoes in the ears as if it’s coming from a place far away.

The students from Sri Ragam Fine Arts Academy are led by the founder Ms. Srimathi Mohana Priya Anand. She also teaches art of playing the instrument online all over the world to anyone interested in learning.

The group came all the way from Malaysia consists of women and girls as young as eleven years old.

They included “Beat It” by Michael Jackson and it was amazing to hear this famous song played on the Veena strings.This ancient instrument (it dates to the 1700 BCE) at first, looks like a violin and guitar fused together but, as they showed, the shape looks like the human body when it kneels completely down in prayer.One of the legends says that the instrument was carved out of one of the seven heads and an arm of an Indian God who climbed the Himalaya.Even though the group comes from Malaysia, the instrument comes from India and it has different design patterns and names depending in what region of India the instrument was built in. One of the most popular types of Veena today is the Saraswati Veena (or Vina), named after the Indian Goddess Saraswati, often depicted playing the instrument.

The Malaysian ambassador was also present and gave certificates (well deserved) to all the girls and the musicians.It was a magic night to remember and an event worth attending.

Author: Francesca Gubellini

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