What to take care before moving to Ireland and immediately after

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There are things I wish I knew before coming here to better prepare my on boarding into this beautiful country. Here is the list for you –

  1. Driving licence — If you already have a driving license from your country, getting license in Ireland can be quicker. Bring a letter from your local licensing authority which says that your driving license is valid and authentic. More details here
  2. Passport size photographs — Get enough passport size photographs (35–38mm X 45–50mm) before coming, you will need many of them. It will save you time and money.
  3. Debit/Credit cards — Avoid using your local country credit/debit cards in Ireland as bringing money from foreign country is taxable here, so you end up paying 1.5 times what you spend (remember 50% tax)
  4. Bringing money to Ireland is taxable — So avoid bringing lot of money here unless required.
  5. Bank account — Better to take appointment with the bank and prepare for all the documents required to open the account. Open the account here as a first thing when you are here and provide details to your payroll team so that you start getting money in this account and then spend from this account.
  6. SARP 1A tax relief — Apply for SARP 1A tax relief within 30 days after coming to Ireland if it applies to you. More details here
  7. PPS number and PSC card — Take appointment for PPS number and PSC card. This is needed to register with revenues, otherwise you will be charged on highest tax slab, flat rate of ~52%. More details about PPS number and how to apply here
  8. Tax registration and Tax credits — After coming here, register at when you get PPS number. Then check out tax credits you are entitled to and get it up at Don’t be shy to call them if needed, they really pickup the phone and help. Details about tax credits here
  9. Child benefits — Yes these benefits even queen gets, so don’t be shy to register for it. It will be little painful around collecting documents, getting them attested etc, but its worth doing it as its nice money you get. One of the tricky one would be getting your birth certificate if you don’t have, you can get it from your embassy. More details about child benefits here
  10. Learner’s driving license — Take appointment for theory test at as soon as possible after coming here, and get a learner’s license. As you may need to wait for six months before giving final driving test. If you get a letter from RTA (see #1 above) then you can give the final test earlier. But even then queue for final driving test is 3–4 months and you can pay the fee and take appointment when you have learner’s license. So do it soon. Step wise process of getting Irish driving licence can be found here.
  11. Car Insurance — Its a big one, if you are planning to buy, you may end up spending 2500+ euro as you will be new driver in the country. My advice would be to get to someone’s policy (friend/colleague) as named driver right after you get your learner’s license. It will help in terms of reducing insurance cost by almost 50% when you buy your own car.

All the very best, its a beautiful country… Enjoy!

Author and PC: Manbhawan prasad 

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